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What Affects A Roof Replacement Cost?

What Affects A Roof Replacement Cost?

Primary Factors That Affect Your Roof
Replacement Cost In The Woodlands

Breaking Down The Cost Of A Roof
Replacement After Your Quote

Many factors affect the cost of your roof replacement in The Woodlands. These may include the type of roof, your house size, and the quality of materials. Expect to pay more for the best service, products, and installations.

Blue Truss installs roofs in the Houston area with exceptional care. We provide exterior and interior services to transform your home. Our services are top quality, and we prefer transparency about what goes into our final estimate so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Your Roofing Cost Will Depend
On The Size Of Your Home

The square footage of your home, and thus the size of your roof, affects the cost of your replacement. Even the pitch of your roof matters, as the higher the pitch, the more surface area to cover.

You are paying for labor and materials, so the more there is to cover, the more you will pay overall. At Blue Truss, we add six layers to your roof, including underlayment and attic ventilation. The material costs add up when we have to cover a larger roof.

You Pay For The Quality Of Materials You Choose

Sometimes, you get what you pay for, and one of those times is when choosing roofing materials. CertainTeed and GAF aren’t the least expensive materials, but they are the highest quality, affecting the final cost of your roof replacement.

You can choose a cheap product, but it won’t last as long, so you’ll have to pay for another replacement much sooner than you would if you’d chosen higher quality materials. 

An exceptional roofing material with a manufacturer’s warranty will cost more up front than something that needs to be replaced in ten years.

The Type Of Roof You Want Affects The Cost

If you want slate roofing, expect to pay top dollar,. Choosing something like asphalt roofing is one of the best ways to save on costs while still getting the best type of roofing in the Houston area.

There’s a reason asphalt is the most popular roofing material. It is energy efficient, long-lasting, and versatile. However, if you want something different, metal roofing is another fantastic option that we can install for you at Blue Truss. 

Labor Costs Are A Good Portion Of Your Final Estimate

The labor accounts for around half the cost of your final project. The exact ratio for labor and materials does vary, but it lands somewhere in the middle most of the time.

If your team isn’t certified or qualified, expect to pay less, especially since a less skilled team may use cheaper materials and cut corners, which can end up costing you much more in the long run. 

You’ll get what you pay for when you choose the best team by Blue Truss in The Woodlands. We only accept the best from our installations.

It May Cost To Get A Permit In The Woodlands

A roofing permit does cost you, and sometimes it is challenging to procure alone. Thankfully, your contractor will generally take care of it and add it to the final estimate.

Texas is on the higher end for building permit costs, so expect an additional few hundred dollars (or more) for the permit. 

Disposal Of Your Old Roof Affects A Roof Replacement Cost

Your old roofing materials must be disposed of properly, which is something your contractor can do for you. At Blue Truss, we are careful with old roofing materials and ensure everything is disposed of properly.

It takes great care and dedication to keep up with the best practices for each roofing material. We ensure we know the best way to dispose of your roofing materials efficiently, safely, and locally. 

Inspections Can Be Pricey For Roof
Replacements In The Woodlands

Some contractors charge a lot for an inspection, which they may add to the final cost of your project. At Blue Truss, we believe everyone deserves a free inspection so they know where they stand before committing to their project.

Blue Truss is a reputable roof replacement company in The Woodlands. We offer exceptional home services with an eye for detail. Call us today for a free inspection on your roof.

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