Roof Replacement due to material failure in Montgomery, Texas 77316


This home had shingles that had failed early after 12 years in the punishing Texas weather.  

The roof was overtaken by algae and exhibited signs of extreme granular loss, causing possible leak risk and further damage to the home.

In addition to being beyond its life early, the original roof was also unsightly and not consistent with the quality of this home. 

After another roofing company told the homeowner this was hail-related damage, the homeowner filed an insurance claim only to be denied.  

As we originally advised, the home was not damaged by a single storm event, but by early failure of the roofing materials used.  The homeowner decided to replace the roof with us because of our original honesty and assessment.  

We installed a GAF system with 50 years of materials coverage and 10 years of workmanship coverage backed by the manufacturer.  They'll never have to worry about material failure again. 

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